Cotton Dust Sheets – 12ft x 12ft

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  • 100% Eco friendly Cotton Dust Sheets
  • Ideal for Painters and Decorators
  • Highly absorbent
  • Washable and reusable
  • Hemmed on all four sides
  • Drapes well as the fabric is soft
  • Ideal for protecting furniture and floors when decorating.
  • Also used for covering items in storage
  • Oeko-Tex tested for harmful substances


Premium Cotton Dust Sheets (12ft x 12ft)

Dreading dust bunnies taking over your furniture during renovations? Worried about paint splatters ruining your pristine floors? Look no further than our premium cotton dust sheets – the ultimate weapon in your battle against dust and debris. Measuring a generous 12ft (3.66 m) x 12ft (3.66 m), these versatile covers offer superior protection for even the largest rooms and furniture.

Cotton Dust Sheets Bliss: Natural Cotton for Easy Use

Unlike their plastic counterparts that trap moisture and feel stuffy, our cotton dust sheets are woven from 100% natural cotton. This breathable material allows for easy manoeuvring and draping, making it a breeze to cover even the most awkwardly shaped furniture. More importantly, the natural breathability prevents moisture build-up, which can be detrimental to delicate surfaces like wood or electronics.

Unmatched Protection for All Your Needs

But breathability isn’t all these cotton dust sheets have to offer. Here’s why they’re the perfect choice for your next project:

  • Ultimate Protection: Shield your belongings from dust, debris, paint spills, and splashes. No more worrying about accidental drips or rogue dust particles ruining your renovation or painting project.

  • Generous Size for Versatility: The 12ft (3.66 m) x 12ft (3.66 m) size makes these dust sheets ideal for covering large rooms, furniture of all sizes, appliances, or even multiple items at once.

  • Lightweight Champions: Don’t let the size fool you. These cotton dust sheets are surprisingly lightweight, making them easy to handle and use without feeling cumbersome.

  • Eco-Friendly and Gentle: Embrace sustainability with natural cotton. Unlike plastic alternatives, cotton is gentle on delicate surfaces and avoids contributing to landfill waste.

  • Built to Last: Our high-quality construction ensures these dust sheets can withstand multiple uses. They’re a wise investment that saves you time and money in the long run.

Beyond the Basics: Unveiling Additional Benefits (Depending on your product)

Here are some additional features to consider, depending on the specific functionalities of your cotton dust sheets:

  • Machine Washable for Effortless Cleaning: Who needs a disposable dust sheet that ends up in the rubbish? Our cotton dust sheets can be conveniently thrown in the washing machine for easy cleaning and repeated use.

  • Flame Retardant for Peace of Mind: Especially important if you’re working near open flames (like during soldering or welding projects), flame-retardant properties add an extra layer of safety.

  • Reinforced Hems for Long-Lasting Durability: Say goodbye to fraying and tearing. Reinforced hems ensure your dust sheets stay strong and dependable, project after project.

The Perfect Partner for Every Project

Our cotton dust sheets are the ultimate companions for a variety of tasks:

  • Painting and Decorating: Protect your floors, furniture, and trim from paint splatters, drips, and dust. No more tedious clean-up after a long day of painting.

  • Renovation and DIY Projects: Keep dust contained and prevent debris from settling on surfaces during renovations or DIY projects.

  • Furniture Storage: Shield your precious furniture from dust and scratches while it’s in storage.

  • Safeguarding Electronics: Cotton dust sheets are gentle enough to protect delicate electronics from dust and moisture during cleaning.

Investing in a quality cotton dust sheets is an investment in saving time, minimizing clean-up, and protecting your belongings. Order yours today and breathe easy knowing your furniture and floors are well-protected!

Upgrade your next project with the power of natural cotton. Cotton dust sheets – the key to a cleaner, more protected space.

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13 reviews for Cotton Dust Sheets – 12ft x 12ft

  1. woodstock

    Exactly what they described and in perfect condition.

  2. Kevin

    Good sheets for the price,

  3. alan cheswick

    Excellent value delivers on time just what I needed during decorating

  4. H Thompson

    Very bid in size, which is good as needed to fold in 2 to acquire the right thickness to protect carpets


    Better than I thought.

  6. Nadia A.

    not thick enough.

  7. Jonathan

    There was only 6 sheets in package. But the dust sheets are very good quality

  8. Katy

    Do the job!

  9. Julie Fawcett

    does the job .

  10. alec

    Does the job, totally happy

  11. Nick Kennelly

    Fast delivery and easy to use

  12. Kate

    Used these when re-painting indoors, including staircase. Easy to mould into corners and awkward spaces.No issues with quality/thickness. Didn`t have any spills, but believe they`d prevent damage if that occurred.

  13. PFR

    Used these to protect carpets and furniture when decorating lounge.My only comment is that you might want to double them up if you have heavy paint spatter.

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